Hacker News Change To Comment System Reminiscent of What Killed Digg

This is a previously unpublished report on the events that lead to Digg’s demise. I was reminded of it when I saw Paul Graham’s post to Hacker News about upcoming changes to the way

Titanfall Weapons List

Looking for a list of the weapons in Titan Fall in prep for the release for the game? Here is what we know. Comparisons between the weapons aren’t out yet, we only have the

Launch Hackathon 2013: Not an Experience I Would Repeat

Participated in Jason McCabe Calacanis ‘s ?#?launchhack? . While the networking was good, the “prize” advertised as $1.6M was false advertising. The fund was $800k, so even if you had the greatest Hack of

Amazon’s Interview Questions And Why I Don’t Work At Amazon

Why I don’t work at Amazon is simple. I would never make it through the interview. “Do you know our CEO? How do you pronounce his name?” We’ve met a few times. Jeff, It

TechCrunch Launch: SAP Hackathon of the Year Winner FitPerks

Sarah Austin and Ivan Markovic talk about their app, FitPerks. Gamifying health and health care, the app allows you to compete with friends in fitness challenges. For participating you earn discounts on insurance, or

Big Data Mining For Qualitative Factors

My company’s core product (http://www.stremor.com ) is designed to take unstructured data from text and convert it to structured data. But also look at qualitative factors from language and assign them quantitative values. In

Frontend and Backend or UI and Application?

A response to this article. If only it were so simple. And if you think it is that’s probably because you don’t understand. Frontend often is WAY more than UI. When you are building

Managing Burnout

I have been working without rest for a year on a project (http://www.stremor.com) that has had huge amounts of progress. It pays well enough, I like the people I work with, we have achieved

Don’t Use Disrupt If Your Startup Isn’t Disruptive.

The TechCrunch Disrupt conference has always been a strange name for a conference, since almost every startup showing there has been a clone of another larger more popular startup. I have only seen one

Melinda Gates Plays Not My Job on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

Melinda Gates Doesn’t say this. And that makes all the difference. “When I get up in the morning and I read about death, disease, privation, poverty, I go, Well, it’s not my problem.”  No

How To Build A $30M Startup Without Spending Any Of Your Money, In Your Spare Time

Have you ever wanted to create a successful startup? Maybe you have the design chops, the cool sense of style, and the ability to get others excited about trends in technology, but can’t find

Things I Learned Building The Most Powerful Language Processing Engine On The Planet

I am the CTO of Stremor, we make TLDR Reader. It takes long content and generates abstracts. This is the least impressive thing it can do, but it is the most public. Building something

Review Of The Lenovo Yoga 13 Running Windows 8

I bought a Lenovo Yoga 13, and I love it. This is the best laptop I have ever owned on so many levels.  It is light, functional, looks good, runs all my games, and

How To Upgrade The SSD in the Lenovo Yoga 13

You can upgrade the Lenovo Yoga 13 has spots for 2 SSD! That’s awesome. You could upgrade, but why bother, just add a second one. I love my Lenovo Yoga 13, but it doesn’t

Window 8 Blue Screen Of Death Is Still Blue (but is prettier than before)

I got my first BSOD on Windows 8. The Blue Screen of death is not what it used to be, but it isn’t vastly improved either.

Supporting School Lunches and Getting Kicked Out of Target

Yes, the security at the Target did just ask me to leave. Yes, I was heckling the petitioners in front of the store. Yes I may have called a pregnant lady an idiot, rather

Finding Success On Etsy: Evangelina’s Closet

What have you built in the last year? My friend Nikki Sattler Case is a great online marketer. While many people are excited that Etsy has made their hobby pay for itself, Nikki has

Steve Jobs legacy: he personally brought Siri to Apple, saw that Siri had a contextual future

How does Silicon Valley and Apple miss Steve Jobs? Well, on Monday night I was having dinner with Gary Morgenthaler, who was one of the investors in Siri, along with a few Siri team

A Workshifter’s Mantra for Focus

A few weeks ago, I attended the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon. While on stage, speaker J.D. Roth made a statement that hit home for me: “It doesn’t matter what we say matters

Mobile 3.0 arrives: How Qualcomm just showed us the future of the cell phone (and why iPhone sucks for this new contextual age)

The world just changed yesterday. You probably didn’t notice. But I guarantee strategists at Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google did. What happened? Qualcomm shipped a new contextual awareness platform for cell phones. Yesterday

Windows Updates: When Should You Install Them And Are They Worth It?

Several of you noticed that I was not on Windows 7 SP1, and asked why.Besides not liking the background intelligent transfer service, or having my computer reboot in the middle of the night, I

CloudSleuth.Net Cloud Performance Tests Are Not Helpful In Enterprise Deployment Planning

CloudSleuth released a report about the fastest cloud platforms that is pretty much a waste of time to read. Jon Brodkin’s artictle on Ars Technica is an even bigger waste of time to read

How To Start Your First Blog Site With WordPress

With this promo-code BWOPS will get you $97 off of your first years Hosting. At DreamHost.http://749fora.com sells .com domains for $8.49 these are GoDaddy Domains, and I set the price as low as they

Local Ads And SEM for Small Business, Bigger Organizations And Using YouTube To Promote Also With SEO

As a Small business SEM is about targeting. The problem most first time SEM clients have is that they spend too much rather than picking a laser focused approach, and only expanding their potential

What is SEM? Intro To #SEM For Bloggers

SEM for people selling things is easy, but what if you are using SEM to get your website a kick start? SEM for bloggers and content producers can be difficult and has to be