Picking an SD Video Camera: Why 3 CCD’s Matters

I’m blatantly stealing Images that Jake took with his two cameras, so that no one can say I picked the shots or the cameras to analyze.
First the 1 CCD image and its histograms herunterladen.

You can see how the bell curve is clipped pdf sam herunterladen? That is because the 1CCD camera is Not well balanced and so it doesn’t see the bright’s or the Darks as well as it sees the mid’s. With a good 1 CCD camera you could correct for this a bit by manually balancing each channel, but you won’t find that feature on a consumer camera herunterladen.

The 3 CCD image and its Histograms
These histograms are near perfect netflix tv ipad. The Blue is clipped just a bit but the red is practically Ideal, the Turn up at the high end of the histogram implies the white balance was set a little too red, but that is so minor that it is unlikely you’d notice or the camera is doing that intentionally to create a slightly warmer image schriften frei herunterladen.

If you want to see how your Camera performs it is pretty easy. Take a still of a frame of video, preferably in an out door environment and bring it in to Photoshop, go to Image -> adjustment -> Levels, and you can see the histogram for each of the channels monopoly vollversion kostenlos downloaden deutsch pc. If you use a professional Video editing suite you may be able to correct your histogram to a degree, making the images have a more appropriate Temperature (Balance between Red and Blue), this is useful if you shoot under Fluorescent (heavy in blue light) or Halogen (heavy in red) bei maxdome downloaden.

Making these changes will help extend the life of your camera as your content won’t look like it was shot on antiquated equipment, but will also allow you to use a camera that has heavy use longer as the the CCD’s fade over time, especially if used without a UV, and Infrared Filter windows 10 gratis downloaden 2017.