My very first time…

My very first time reviewing a product was for many years ago (2001?)… they used to call them “testdrives” and you had to catch it on the website and click on it quickly to secure your spot.  As you can imagine, the spots would fill up quickly herunterladen!

One day I was blessed and clicked on the product just in time… it was a foot creme from Peter Thomas Roth RV of $40.  I was so excited, I conscientiously used the foot creme and wrote my review excitedly skype for windows 10.

I guess they loved my review so much they discontinued the program shortly after!  Just kidding, I don’t know when it was over, but it didn’t last long after that. 

I don’t know if the review is still available but as you can see, I still remember it icloud herunterladen!

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2 thoughts on “My very first time…

  1. Believe it or not– was gold in Iraq–it was the only way to get good soap and stuff…especially for the harsh environment there–standard dial soap doesn’t cut it.

  2. I’m so thankful that was (is) available to soldiers in Iraq!

    I can imagine how beat up a person’s skin could get under the cirumstances. That would be a wonderful outreach program for those who want to donate to soldiers online… to send them gift certificates they can use online for products they want/need.

    Thanks for stopping by so quickly after my “launch”.

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