Attitude of Gratitude


Dear Husband,

I am thankful that I met you, a good man amongst thieves, drug users and alcoholics. 

I’m thankful that you never listened when everyone around us said I was no good. 

I’m thankful you stood up for me, that you told me on our first outing, “I’m an angel sent to watch over you”.  I’m thankful I believed it even though you don’t “look” or walk like an angel. 

I’m thankful that in ten years of marriage, at one time or another you’ve been all the men I never had in my life – that includes brother and father. 

Not only are you my husband, you’re the head of our family and I’m grateful that you are not an extremist. 

I’m thankful for your moodiness, it gives me time to get on the internet. 

I am eternally grateful for every moment you support us and encourage me to stay at home herunterladen.

I’m thankful you listen to me sometimes.



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2 thoughts on “Attitude of Gratitude

  1. That’s beautiful! He’s lucky to have you!

    Thanks for the comments on MomGadget. This year I’m especially thankful that I finally heard what the man upstairs was trying to tell me and that I finally took MomGadget in the direction that he had planned instead of forcing what I had planned :)

    I’m so glad that I’ve been blessed with what it took to get it going. I’ve met so many amazing people already and I know there’s so much more in store :)

    Have a wonderful holiday!

    I have a spray tan on my list of things to do too LOL


  2. Gayla,
    hi there! I hope your Thanksgiving was as peaceful as ours. I’m so glad you listened to Him too!! In the short time I’ve been visiting your forum I’ve learned so much.

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