Cosmedicine @ – I’m foaming at the mouth


Basic Skin Health ($77 Value)Something about this set, is really calling out to me… buy me, buy me, buy me.  Does anyone have any experience with these products or company?  It looks really good and at $48 a good value.  I’m really having product envy right now for you gals who live in the city and can get product the same day.  Sephora is usually fast but still, there’s nothing like that instant gratification of walking out with the goods google street view for free german.

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2 thoughts on “Cosmedicine @ – I’m foaming at the mouth

  1. Buy it. This stuff is amazing. I’ve had great skin all my life, but in the past year or so it’s been looking a bit tired and leathery. However, since buying this kit all that has changed. My skin has reverted to its old translucent self, with a lovely pink glow. Fine lines have also been diminished. I saw a difference immediately. Of course, it’s sinfully expensive. I have no idea how I can continue to afford it, but it may just be worth the financial sacrifice.

  2. thanks for your comment, it looks really good. It is rather expensive, but everything is I guess :(

    I think I’m going to order this tonight, sephora has a new promo sample pack which is so tempting…

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