fully steeped with Chanel Gardenia

Since my last post a little while ago I took some time out for me…

After taking out my contacts which I haven’t done in forever!  I started off with that Mediterranean Bath product by L’occitane I told you about… it is wonderful, my skin feels great – this is a must try product. 

Followed by a facial cleanse with DDF Marine Cleanser… I love this stuff, but I don’t think it’s for everybody, it  has a sea smell to it… I have had it forever and it’s almost done, when I put it upside down I noticed it expired 06/06!  yikes, my face is ok, I don’t want any of you to worry out there! herunterladen!

Took a nice long shower (I’ll leave some stuff out at this point) and then it was time to moisturize.  I used Nivea Age Defying Moisturizer for body (nothing you wouldn’t expect from Nivea) herunterladen. I just got it the other day, it came with a sample sized q10 wrinkle advanced night creme which is REALLY good, I can feel it working which I like.

I also used my L’oreal Hydra Renewal which is ok, but I cannot wait for it to be over because I really don’t like the whole tub thing for creme… I hate getting creme under my nails… I don’t mind soaps, but creme’s are finishing touches and are better pumped herunterladen.

By now you’re wondering if I sphritzed perfume and I want to rest your minds that I did, Chanel Gardenia of course.  Now for a glass of water then bed time. 

Sleep tight everyone… until next time herunterladen.