How long do you hold a grudge? An unresponsive company

I was wondering, how long do you hold a grudge? 

It was at least 2+ years ago when I bought a copy of InStyle at the supermarket, tempted at checkout I spent $5 or so dollars.  Although I don’t remember the cover and why I spent the money, it is totally out of character for me to do so… I do remember what happenned when I got home. 

I happily put boy2001 in front of a t.v f-secure internet security kostenlos downloaden. show and flipped through the magazine.  I immediately saw several of the perforated sheets were missing.  The type that have coupons or requests to send in info, etc…  and 1/2 of a sheet had been ripped out!!  I was surprised but was sure there was something to do… I had the phone handy, so I decided to call the supermarket, they said, they had a no return policy on magazines… period clipinc fx kostenlosen.

I decided to call the magazine itself to see what they say.  I spoke to the young woman there, she told me the same story and also implied that I was lying so I hung up but was really unhappy.  Somehow I’d gotten a used magazine and someone had taken somethings out of it.  I know I could have tried to make a big stink out of it, but I decided to suck it up and move on with my life free mobile downloads.

I think about it every once in a while when I’m at the check out… and it’s kept me from buying InStyle several times.  I guess I hold a grudge a long time, that feeling that you’ve been duped is the worst krimidinner zum herunterladen.


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