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I was just sitting here in my room blogging, it’s been such an ugly few days here in Maine.  The kids have been playing nicely in their room next to me, they’ve had a picnic, complete with water tea.  Played in their Buzz Lightyear tent, chased eachother, chased a ball outside.  Now we’re watching the end of today’s Little House on the Prairie.  brainstorm…  What will I do with this massive fortune I plan on making blogging?  I’m not sure, so I will bounce some ideas around on my thoughts of what I will do with the first million pennies kostenlos schnell legal musik downloaden.

100 pennies is one dollar so 1,000,000 pennies is $10,000, right?  That’s a nice chunk of change… I wonder how long it will take me to make that much games without play store? hmm…

When I reach that much I will let myself spend $1000 on clothes and skin care… why that amount?  I don’t know,  it just sounds like a reasonable amount to me.  I don’t expect to get much for that, but it gives me a small incentive to reach for alle pdfs einer seite herunterladen.


2 thoughts on “Million Pennies Blogging – Cash Penny Millionnaire

  1. First, I like your layout. It looks very clean.

    1 million pennies from blogging is an interesting goal. How is your progress? What methods are you using to produce income?

    I am doing something close to this, but not limiting myself to just blogging. At the rate I am going McDonalds would pay better (lol). But the ida is momentum and to generate passive income.

    Good luck and let me know how things are going.

    Take Care,


  2. hello Michael,

    Thank-you so much for visiting and your nice comment.

    My progress is non-existent! Like you, I’d do better flipping burgers (if I had childcare for 3).

    I looked at your site and have done some dabbling in other arenas, I have a very limited attention span which I’m trying to change!

    I’m going to create a new post about this subject and all the ways I’m funding myself. It seems for blogging, ad companies really want blogs that have traffic, links AND are at least 90 days old.

    More to come soon… I have to go visit with a neighbor.

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