Negative Forces in your life

After reading Christina’s eBeautydaily post just now, it reminded me of something that really irks me.  I heard of a term “dream killers”.  It made me realize that I need positive thinking people around me… not those who think nothing is possible.  I need and want those that will be supportive of me and my children private instagram images.

I tell my son all the time, you can be anything you want.  When he says he wants to do whatever, I’m behind him.  When he saw a little boy tap dancing on t.v download autumn flower pictures for free. last month, he said he wanted to do it.  Great, we went to the dance studio, signed him up and bought him $45 tap shoes.  He’s the only boy in his class and seems to enjoy it.  I’m not sure if he’ll stick with it, but the fact is that rich kids get the opportunity to try out things with no obligation… and eventually they find something they really want to do.  Middle class kids should have the same opportunity, even if it’s not long lived, I hope he’ll have some understanding of tap and how difficult it really is, even though it looks super easy to do herunterladen.

I hope that I’m able to support their dreams, I guess that’s why parents often become dream killers, because we don’t want to spend our time and money in directions where it will be “wasted”.  We must remember that the experience and knowledge gained is far more valuable than the price of shoes and lessons… not to mention the transport to and from. 

How does this relate to beauty, I’m not sure, if you want to be beautiful, then do it… you don’t have to conform to society’s view of beauty.  You can also try out new things, if they don’t work, then try again.  The goal is not to be THE most beautiful or THE best tap dancer.  The goal is to do the best we can in all things herunterladen.