The Best Kept Secret to a Shiny Smile

How many of you remember that show that Bill Cosby created as a spin off to his Cosby show?  It was called A Different World and starred Lisa Bonet.  Being from the 80’s it is probably the LAST thing you would think about when you think about BEAUTY.  I know you’re thinking the last time I got beauty advice from a television sitcom, Jan was cutting lemons and smearing her face with them to get the frecklees off schnapsen kostenlos downloaden.

Anyway, I was a young teenager when I watched it, I think it’s in syndication now.  One of the characters Whitley is a former beauty queen and in one episode she’s giving pointers to some other character herunterladen.

She divulges a pageant secret in that episode!  I’ve thought about it over the last 15 years or so, and it’s now time to put it out on the net for all you beauty lovers.  If you want a shiny bright smile, after brushing put a swipe of Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline or generic) on your teeth as well as your lips! windows access kostenlosen! Shocking news I know, but I’ve done it off and on when I have special pictures to take and it REALLY makes a difference!!