The Skin I’m In

I’ve always LOVED Sesame Street… how about you guys?  Growing up in New York, I felt so comfortable with the street setting and brownstone buildings Age of empire 2 free full version.

Do you guys remember,  “the Skin I’m IN”  I do, like it was yesterday!

About my skin, it is usually light because I avoid the sun, but if I go in the sun, I get a nice warm tan…  I use Mac Studio Fix almost every day NC35.  I love the coverage it gives but I can do it in the car at red lights (guilty as charged).  I am not prone to break outs but I do get lots of black heads in the nose area which is really gross and causes me a lot of worry kostenlosen animierte smilies kostenlos. Do you have a fix for this? I’d love to hear it.  I currently use Biore Nose strips.  When I have ice I can’t help do my MOMMY Dearest impersonation and dunk my head in the ice to close my pores gratis spiele downloaden ohne anmeldung.

I have brown eyes and try to wear shadow whenever I put make up to cover up the discoloration on the lids.  I then like to use the classic Maybelline mascara… One weird QUIRK about me is I have to take the stickers off the Mascara.  I like the way the pink bottle and green cap look, but HATE the stickers.  I personally rotate mascara every two months on the first, so I will be posting a little reminder every two months to remind you video facebook herunterladen iphone.

On my cheeks I use Mac’s Fleur Power most days, it’s a lovely pink that I don’t think is available anymore.  I also bought a new one that is more beige the other day.  Then it’s time for the MAC gloss which is my sig, everywhere I go people ask me about it… once again, they no longer make this color…

I have dark, thin hair which is wavy, most people love my hair because I usually wash and go and it looks, “ok”.  I dyed it about 7 months ago and have a nice black growth going so I will be posting some before and after photos of this next week herunterladen.

Just some background info about me and the Skin I’m In.