Softsoap Pomegranate & Mango Bodywash – Product Review

My husband went to Walmart to buy some stuff and came home with this product.  He knows I love Pomegranate juice, so he thought I’d love this stuff herunterladen.

I just tried it, it’s not bad.  When you first open the bottle and put it on, it smells really good… maybe more of a mango scent, but it is pleasant herunterladen.

A nice thing about this product is that it is not too thick, it squeezes out very nicely.  The other thing that is nice is that the whole is small, so you don’t get a huge amount of product you didn’t want/need access mac.

I also like the beads (you can see them in the bottle)… it looks pretty and it appears to clean the skin nicely.  It didn’t dry my skin out as I expected it to – so that is another good thing block craft 3d herunterladen.

The one thing I did NOT care for was the bottle.  When I picked it up the second time, the plastic was very UNPLEASANT to the touch.  I don’t know how to explain, except that it had no grip, even though it was smooth it was very unpleasant to feel mac os x 10.11 downloaden.

I’m not sure how much he paid, but I’d bet it wasn’t very expensive… so if you’re in the market for some body wash, give this one a try herunterladen.

Softsoap Pomegranate & Mango Body Wash


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