I-Sun Battery and Plane Travel


Yeah!  So Jake and I were needing a way to make our FireStore device run more than 45 minutes.  So we were at Frye’s and found a cool battery charger from I-Sun.  If you stick 10 AA batteries in it it outputs 12 volts.  This and a cigarette lighter adapter for your device lets you run your favorite electronics for hours.  

Using 10 batteries at 2500 mAh each you get 12 volts at 2500 mAh.  Based on the 16.275 watts at 7.8 volts my laptop draws while playing a DVD, at full brightness, and with no speed stepping this gives me about 8 additional hours of battery life.    Pretty impressive trick minecraft maps kostenlos herunterladen.

Combine this with the ability to charge by AC, DC (cigarette lighter) or solar power and you have a great solution for on the go iphone alle mails herunterladen.

If you are extra geeky…  You can daisy chain multiple I-Sun’s and go even longer, or drive multiple devices, or BIGGER devices…..  See My next post.