Playing Xbox 360 Flying in First Class

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I got it all hooked up, was playing, and the stewardess comes over to tell me the controllers are wireless and I have to stop….

 2 I-suns, a power inverter, a Personal DVD player, and I’m playing Xbox 360 In first class.  12 year old next to me thinks he won the lotto. 

The 767 I am flying doesn’t seem to put out enough voltage to charge the I-Sun, and won’t power the 360 on its own.   The Portable DVD Player is running on its own power. 

The lady in the next seat over took a few pictures and is supposed to e-mail me, since I didn’t pack the camera and I was in enough trouble I was not going to pull out my cell phone futura font for free.

This was not planned, or I would have packed a wired controller, and a few more iSuns for power.  

(Oh and I didn’t have any Live support)