GPS Phones Protecting Your Kids, or Stalking Your Ex

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I have a friend who is trying to do the right thing and be a good mom, giving her 12 year old daughter a Cell phone, but also doing the creepy mom thing by using the Disney service that includes Tracking your kid.  This worries me.  The problem is that while knowing that her daughter is where she says she is is useful, I used some social engineering to get Mom’s password and was able to call her and tell her that her daughter was at the movies.   This seems like a bad scenario.  There are enough problems with identity theft, Social Security information leaks, and the like.  I tricked this mom in to giving the username and password to me by setting up a fake site that asked for a login.  She used the same user and pass combination for that site as she does the Disney service.  This is a common occurrence.   I don’t know if I think tracking my kid out ways the risk of someone else tracking my kid invitation cards for free.

Me being single, and not worried about stalkers…. I am considering one of the services that lets others see where I am hanging out.   Helio has a cool new offering youtube ausschnitt downloaden.