Viral Marketing

I saw an add that was fairly clever… Don’t know what it is for…  but it is clever.   Here is a link to IEBlog which has the ad icomania herunterladen.

Vanishing Point

What do I think it is?  Well…


RPF 6 is an Internet 2 multicast protocol, which is mildly inline with wget32 which is a command for getting something over IP in windows and Linux… Stumped on the rest, for now… That and I don’t care enough to bang my head against the wall for what I am sure is just a way to rack up the Google searches for their company and domain kostenlose bilder herunterladen.

You can find some images via Google that imply something is going to happen at Bellagio Fountains,January 8th, 6:30PM.  Which would be towards the end of the first day of CES toy blast kostenlos herunterladen.


If you care enough to try and figure this out…

Here is the complete text. 






Good luck playing the VanishingPoint Game herunterladen.