does the world make you sad sometimes?

I didn’t post last week, I guess I’ve been on a down slump.  Nothing wrong with the kids or DH, just the way people are in general.  The “What’s in it for me?” type of attitude, the greed and meanness, the non-welcoming looks, competitiveness ps now spieleen.

Several incidents happenned over the week, including two Christmas parties, a MOPS meeting and ending with a holiday song at boy2001’s elementary school klingelt√∂ne iphone gratis herunterladen.

By the end of the week, when my son’s holiday school program was performed I’d had enough.  We got there ten minutes early, DH, me, girl2004 & girl2006 looked around for a seat.  DH went in one direction with girl2004 I went in the other, it was filled up, people were standing, NO ONE was smiling.  Dirty looks were thrown, accusing eyes, “how dare they look for a seat?”

All of a sudden, the teacher took the tape off some of the HUGE reserved section.  I was just in the right spot and grabbed TWO seats at the end of the row.  I could have taken three, one to put girl2004 in, BUT I was trying to be nice and took the two, sitting in one and putting my bag in the other.  A man, who had been right behind me, asked if I was taking the whole row, I said, “no” and he gestured to get by.  I got up and for some reason picked up my purse out of habit, well, as you imagine I had to cut the party off and said, “I need these two seats”  I was pleasant but I wasn’t going to let go of my seats.  So this woman looks at me dumbfounded as I sat in my aisle seat and put the purse back in the one next to me and says, “oh that’s really nice” rolling her eyes, huffing and puffing and looking at me.  The man I originally talked to changed seats with the woman next to me and gave me a dirty look. 

EXCUSE ME! imap alle mails herunterladen! You idiot, schools should not allow twelve people to come see one child and expect to be seated!  I think this party was more than ten, but as a parent, I should be able to get a seat at my own kids show!!  Not to mention not having to fight for it.  By now, DH found me again and had that look on his face like, what’s going on, so I told him how ungrateful people are and how rude they can be and how there should be some kind of law or at the least a ticket system to keep these seat hoarders from coming en masse to get all the seats.  DH was laughing which kept things lighthearted but I was on the verge of getting physical!!  Of course I spoke so the man next to me could hear, hopefully he told them and they will think about it.  It is really unfair and annoying apps kostenlos herunterladen pc.

That was just one of my incidents, I cannot really speak about the others because they deal with organizations which some members may find my blog some day and I don’t want any record of the situations… so I will keep them to myself.  Suffice it to say, I have no patience right now, maybe too many incidents in a short period of time.  Anyone else have a story to share herunterladen?