I got my Sephora order today!!

I am thrilled to announce I received my Sephora order that I placed the other day!!  I keep looking at all my goodies, I will try them tonight and over the next few days.  The only disappointing thing is the N.V ralewayen. Perricone Alpha Lipoic Acid Nutritive Cleanser with DMAE was leaking out of the bottle making a gunky mess!  I threw away all the return stuff, which I wouldn’t do anyway, but quite a bit has leaked adobe reader sicher herunterladen.

I’m not too thrilled with the red satchels but I absolutely LOVE the promo polka dot bags, they are so CUTE!!  The perfume samples are totally wasted on me, I have one true love and that is Chanel Gardenia!  but the other little samples look great, useful and cute herunterladen!