The Nativity Story – Steeping Movie Review

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The other night I took myself to the movies to see The Nativity Story.  I REALLY liked it!  It followed the story to a tee. I especially liked the depiction of the wise men.  I almost took boy2001 with me to see it again today… but I changed my mind because of the scene where the babies are slain and because of the theme of pregnancy out of marriage and the way Mary was treated when her village found out. 

I loved the way this film is made, especially the romantic view of how Joseph really stood by Mary and took care of her… and I even picked up on something, that Mary did not want to marry Joseph at first, she did not know him and she even went away.  I would give this movie an A!  It was really nice, if my son was a few years older it would be a perfect family Christmas movie lego fortnite herunterladen.


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