Today got off to a bumpy start…


Today got off to a bumpy start, Miss L’s arm was hurting her, she was not using it at all and cried when I touched it.  We spent two hours in the ER, after we could not get an appointment with our regular provider.  After an hour, we took x-rays and had to wrestle with her to get her in the right position… after that she was fine!  Whatever popped out of place, popped back in!  The Doctor called it “nurses’ elbow”.  She seems totally fine now thank goodness herunterladen.

I took the night off from cooking and daddy grilled hamburgers which were great.  While he was doing that I was shopping at Sephora!  If you don’t know there is a great incentive to buy right now… for every order over $50 you can input a shopping discount code and get a free 10 piece sample in the cutest polka dot satchel!  in addition of course to your normal 3 samples, and if you buy $75 worth you get free shipping.  I only buy 2 or 3 times a year (I would love to buy more often) and wait for these offers to stock up on things DH and I want.  I posted what I got on my other blog, buyology orf tvthek video herunterladen.

The older two are in bed and DH has agreed to watch the little one sleep while I got see The Nativity Story tonight!