Month: January 2007

Video Conference from Windows Mobile

Now you can video conference while Driving!!!!   I photo blogged once while driving… video conferencing seems slightly riskier.   I’m going to get Jake to install it as I have no phone capable of such shenanigans… if you do you can Read More

What is TCP-IPv6?

It won’t make your PC faster. It is on by default in Vista. TCP-IP version 6 is available for Windows 2000 here and Linux here. What is it? Currently the Internet uses IP Version 4. Version 4 is great for Read More

Nike Won’t Mess with Texas

Recently Nike added the option to custom create your own version of the Nike Air Turbulence. At first I was impressed with the ability to create my own shoe with custom color combinations from awesome to ugly. While the color Read More

How to get Zune Songs for Free is giving away songs to promote the use of Zune.  Here are the onese that are free right now.  The Files are MP3 so they happen to also work with your ipod, PMC, Rio, or any other MP3 Player… No Read More