I bought 6 copies of Vista Ultimate and 3 of Office 2007

What do I plan to do with all of those copies?  Upgrade.  My roommate needs a copy she has been running the beta, and my bedroom Media Center is getting the cool Vista UI.  Which for Media Center is Amazing skype kostenlos herunterladen für computer!

Windows Media Center

My Music

I have a 4 gig SD card that I use for ReadyBoost how to download youtube videos as mp3.

Windows ReadyBoost improves system memory and boosts performance

Emily is most excited about Mahjong ams app herunterladen.

Sort your games

And the Enhanced photo Gallery

Windows Photo Gallery Viewer

She does a lot more document work than I do, so she was also liking a feature that annoys me.  The big huge mondo “Live Icons”

Live Icons

I’m paranoid so I was also liking bit locker herunterladen.

Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption

All in all I’m excited.  And I have had good luck with hardware compatibility. 

I can’t wait to get a DirectX 10 Card and FlightSimulator X ( Drool )