Picking out a Valentine

If like me you are swamped in potential online dates who are responding to family pressure left over from the holidays, you are likely ready to start picking some one to be a Valentine, you only have 40 days left, and all the best restrants will be booked if you don’t book soon herunterladen.

Valentines is like prom for adults, and as a result you don’t want to just pick anyone.  Valentines is filled with mushy cards and four letter “L” words, so you don’t want to go in to this holiday with a date you have only been seeing for a few days.  Be cautious of your heart, and your dates, and don’t rush into things just because Hallmark put something romantic on a piece of card board downloaden youtube windows.

Here are some tips for a Valentine that won’t end in heart break:

  • Pick someone you don’t expect to be broken up with by St kann keine videos von facebook downloaden. Patricks
  • Set some expectations, In long term relationships this is a jewlery holiday in many girls eyes, but if you have only started dating on Ground Hogs Day, it is too early for anything more than the decoder ring from inside a Cracker Jack Box podcasts herunterladen itunes.
  • Don’t buy underwear if you haven’t seen what she already has.  This is a mistake of men used to being in an LTR, (where L may only equal a month) arte mediathek film download.
  • Go some where nice.  This is just a good rule anytime you have a special day.  Going somewhere nice sends the I thought about this message, and shows that even though this is the first Valentines that you put thought into it herunterladen. She knows each subsequent Valentines day will be less thought out, you are afterall a guy.


In the mean time…. You should think about who you want to spend Valentinesday with.  Lots of people who you are only just getting to know will not want to be alone for V-day and as a result you may get flooded with offers to have a first date very close to the 14th.  You can avoid some heartbreak by turning off your matching a good week before.  Though you may want to turn it back on on the 12th when the “I don’t want to be alone for another V-day” syndromers will be the next big wave of prospective matches free step counter.