Life Cam Is Good, but not HD for video..

I bought a Microsoft vx-6000 because it promised to do 1.3 megapixel video. Well… it does do 640×480 at 30fps it does 800×600 at up to 15, and 1280×1024 at 15 lemmings. So this is not the cheap build it my slef HD Cam I was hoping for. Still a cool camera, and not bad for $99, but I have seen better cameras, that have less noise, and offer IR-LED’s for low light free music pc.

All in all it is a great cam for the money, and the Vista support was flawless.  The Bundled special features for doing things like putting animated fish on your video make it a great cam for a first time user.  It doesn’t clip well to my Toshiba Libretto, but it did fine on the Tecra videos ios.