Samsung CRT ‘s Look NICE

My mom needed a new TV.  Her last TV cost almost nothing and came from Wal-mart. 

The requirements:

  • Has to fit a 36 inch wide cabinet herunterladen.
  • Must have an ATSC tuner
  • Must cost under $1000
  • Must have an amazing SD picture because she only has an aerial so there will be a good deal of static on many of the stations sticker herunterladen telegram.

The Samsung TX-S3082WH has 2 HDMI which it will be a long time before my mom uses, a bunch of Component connections, which will also go unused, S-video, Composite, all the things you would expect from a high end HD Display.  But most importantly for my mom, it has to Coaxial ins, one for the Antenna, and one for the RF output of the VCR she won’t give up häuser für sims 3 kostenlosen.

While my mom is an edge case, this set offers an amazing contrast and brightness.  Being far from my tools I couldn’t measure the NIT and contrast, but it is easily 10,000:1  The display is native 1080i, but the 720p content looks really nice.  

The tuner found 12 analog stations and 11 digital stations, which is quite good considering the remote area my parents live in xlsx datei kostenlos downloaden.

It was unfortunate that no position on the rotor would get all 4 of the big networks (not the TV’s fault).

This model is a Slim CRT which makes it less deep (16.3 inches), but it still weighs a hefty sum (117.3 lbs).  It is 35.8 inches wide, which just barely fits in the 36 inch cabinet herunterladen.

(Stereo 10 watts per channel)

The AutoProgram button did a great job finding stations, but the TV did not easily accommodate changing the rotor and then finding additional Digital stations.  It was also interesting that some analog stations that would have been unwatchable had great digital quality, but other stations that looked great in analog would not tune their digital counterpart for lack of signal photo it van iphone 5s.

PIP is a feature I rarely use but would have expected to see on a TV in this class.

I will probably pick-up one of these for work as it rival the $60,000 Sony Studio Monitor that is in my lab.  With the exception that it doesn’t have SDI Input cookidoo cookbook download.