Vista Ready, Vista Capable, Vista Compliant, and Vista already installed

Several people have asked me if I would buy a Vista Ready or Capable laptop, and I tell them no.  While Vista Capable may mean it will run Vista it may not run it well.  My Libretto which I love dearly, has definite power issues under VIsta, because Toshiba doesn’t support things like Screen Dimming on Vista, also my DVD controls don’t work, little things that make Vista not as much fun on my laptop. 

If I were to buy a laptop I’d wait a month.  We are going in to CES after all, and Laptops are often announced at CES and available 3 weeks after.  This makes February a great time to fall in love with a laptop. 

Core 2 Duo’s are coming down in price, and Samsung is starting to lower the price on Hybrid drives, Nvidia and ATI are releasing laptop versions of DirectX 10 compatible video cards.  It is kind of sad that more of this was not ready for Christmas, but most likely you got Best Buy gift cards so as long as you didn’t let them burn a whole in your pocket you can still get a great laptop ms access download kostenlos.

If you got a Vista Ready Laptop… You may want to do a lot of digging around there are tricks to get XP drivers to work for most things under Vista 32bit, moving to 64 bit makes things a lot trickier.  You will want to make sure that when making dirvers work you don’t mix 64, and 32, and that you have x64 drivers NOT IA64,or Itanium drivers word program download for free.

You may have to bypass the signed driver option when installing a driver, but do this with some hesitation, as it means you run the risk of severely hurting your performance, stability, or possibly bricking your laptop to the point of requiring a reinstall videos from the browser.

I really like Vista, on my Desktop it feels faster, most of the new UI improvements make my life easier, and the few I dislike I will probably learn to be ok with.  Vista seems to be compatible with most of my applications and games, the few that have issue are older and I mainly just installed to see if they did work microsoft solitaire collection download for free.