Mac vs. PC ad actually attacks Windows

Microsoft has so far not been directly attacked by the Mac/PC ads.  But they are now poking at Vista.  Interesting that a company that makes a product that is basically impossible to upgrade would run an ad implying that PC’s were hard to upgrade tomtom eva stemen.


For those of you wondering if you need to upgrade your PC before you Upgrade to PC.   My laptop is a 1.2Ghz Pentium M with 512 megs of ram, and an Intel Graphics Card that uses 32 meg of shared memory.  It runs Vista Just fine.  If you have less machine than this you may consider upgrading your PC just to make XP run ok.   Vista doesn’t have to use Aero which is the new transparent UI.  It is pretty, but not required fortnite kostenlose download.

if you are buying a new PC I would pay extra to have a PC with Vista already installed.  I’m not saying drivers won’t be available for everything, but it is easier to have a reinstate disc herunterladen deutsche musik.