Nike Won’t Mess with Texas

Recently Nike added the option to custom create your own version of the Nike Air Turbulence. At first I was impressed with the ability to create my own shoe with custom color combinations from awesome to ugly. While the color combinations prevent you from making totally stupid choices (Pink with lime green highlights) they do allow Black on Black on Black with Black Text. The truly interesting feature was that you could put eight characters of custom text on your shoe. Nike has taken the liberty of filter/declining many obscene requests. The filter also declines competitors names (Reebok, Adidas, Voit) and the names of retailers (K Mart). It seems to discriminate though as EastBay was allowed. I then ran some common names and all went through fine, but my handle of Drake was declined. Moving on I tried states. First Ohio, then Michigan, all seemed well until I tried Texas. It seems Nike doesn’t want to mess with Texas. Could it be that Texas is to back waters for Nike? Maybe the only state with legal vehicle gun racks is not worthy of having their name on a shoe? Does Nike have it out for the Lone Star State? (BTW LoneStar is accepted). We thought maybe it was a way to keep you from showing you loyalty to your favorite sports or college team, but UM, Dallas, Harvard, and quite a few others were accepted. MSU, DUKE and UCLA were all declined. So where do I sign up to be the guy who censors shoes? What does it pay and does it require a degree? I called Nike, but have yet to get a response, as the ID department (they have a department according to the representative I spoke with) is not open on weekends.

Things You Can

Thing’s You Can’t

Vomit, Puke

Up Chuck

Urine, Whiz

Piss, Pee, Urinate

Chick, Doll

Babe, Fox

 Oops in hind sight we should have put the ladies under a different category than the bodily fluids… Oh well.

Techs Who Can

Techs Who Can’t

Intel, Cisco

Compaq, ATT, MS, MAC, IBM

Linux, SlashDot, Tux

Windows, MS Word,



Fans Who Can

Fans Who Can’t

Chevy, KIA

Posche, Ford, BMW

UM, Purdue, PSU

MSU, UW, Iowa, Ohio ST

Stones, NSYNC, Tupac, LIL KIM, BNL


Countries Who Can

Countries Who Can’t

France, Russia, Mexico, Iraq

Canada, USA

Credit Cards Accepted

Credit Cards Declined

AmEx, Discover

Visa, MC

I guess Visa is not everywhere I want to be.