Why Blu-Ray hasn’t won yet. (Or why my bet is on HD-DVD)

PS3 is claiming 1million units equals victory.  The truth is, That isn’t even close.

HD-DVD has sold more discs than BluRay, and while the number of people who have purchased the HD DVD add-on for Xbox 360 is only in the 6 digit range, the 9 million unit head start that Xbox has on Units sold (not just  shipped but actually sold) gives it a big head start on the upgrade price to get to HD Movies mozilla firefox for free.

If you are buying a solution just to play HD movies, and are one of the 9 million people with out an HD-DVD drive for your 360, which are you going to choose to get, a Standalone Shiny Disc player, or the accessory for the device you have herunterladen?

Throw in the BluJava issue which leaves early adapters of BluRay Players high and Dry as new movies won’t play at all or play highly glimpsed, and you give Blu-ray a huge herunterladen.

Disney claims they will support both formats, though Sky High is only a Blu-ray title.  I don’t think of that as a must have Disney Title the way a re-release of Snow White in HD would be.   At one point I thought Disney was going to be a spoiler that parents would have to have what ever format Disney chose much like they were in VHS vs Beta, but it seems talking to parents that it is less of an issue than it used to be.  There are enough non-Disney must-sees that you are not bound to the whims of a 4-year old as you used to be, and Baby Einstein may be more of a draw than Disney-Pixar’s “Cars” smart tv kann keine apps herunterladen.

XYHD has not been able to come up with a workflow to do the quantitative analysis that we did comparing HD-DVD to Xbox Live Market place including Blu-Ray, “Superman Returns” would be an excellent title to test against, but so far we can’t make it happen.  Subjectively I can’t see the difference,  I’m hoping in the not to distance future to have a PC Drive that reads Blu-ray and I can compare datarates and possibly confirm my suspicion that the encode is the same on both discs ps3 games to.