360Voice For Brandon’s Xbox 360

360 Voice is an interesting idea. Using your Xbox Live data they create a blog from the perspective of your Xbox.  My Xbox has been moving the last week, and so it has been sad google picasa download kostenlos deutsch.

I will be setting up the same thing for Rose in the near future, but I am mildly curious why even though I played Yesterday and Today but it is not indicated on the blog. 

And NO Sneak King is NOT my 5 most played game.  Jake left it paused for like 6 hours logged in as me and so now I am forever the guy who paid good money for such a crappy game ralewayen.

360Voice sign up, because you need both your girlfriend and your Xbox complaining you don’t spend enough time with them.  Love triangles with your Appliances often have shocking results adobe reader sicher herunterladen.

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