Battlestar Galactica Game for Xbox 360 Marketplace

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The First Battle Star Galactica Game for Xbox blew chunks, but the new revamped one looks promising.  What is interesting is it is a Download to own game only.  It will be available for PC and Xbox 360, but not on shiny disc herunterladen.

This time around BSG gets Live support for up to 8 players on Xbox, or 16 on PC.  Play Colonials Vs. Cylons.

Ed Zorbist president of Sierra Online says it will be the best looking game on Live Arcade.  Which is likely, as they have used actual Set Photos as textures in the game.  Content will be added as the Series progresses allowing players to experience the series on the same timeline as the show simcity download kostenlos.

BSG will also be released to HD-DVD which excites me.

(This is the box for the First Game not the New 360 Game)