Microsoft Protecting Your Privacy, Even If YOU Are A Thief

We are aware that lots of times corporations cave and release personal information to authorities even with out a warrant.  Microsoft is not one of those companies.  Recently (January 23rd) a 14 year old New Zealand boy stole an Xbox 360 from a home in Mt spotify herunterladen und brennen. Victoria, Signed up for Live, and when police contacted Microsoft to get the alleged thief’s contact information and verify the stolen Xbox was being used to play online Microsoft refused.  Citing that Microsoft is a US based company and not under New Zealand’s juristiction in this matter Microsoft declined the request. 

While Detective Sergeant Martin Todd is quoted saying, “Microsoft was acting within its rights and had no legal obligation to help med 7 kostenlos downloaden. Microsoft haven’t been obstructive in any way” I have to imagine he feels Microsoft could have been more co-operative.  The victim was furious â€œThis will happen again if they don’t change their ways,” he said pc spiele kostenlosen vollversionen deutsch ohne anmeldung. “They knew it was stolen, and they just did nothing.”

Personally I am glad to seem MSFT stick up for privacy.  Yes if my Xbox was stolen I’d want them caught, but at the same time I don’t want my Xbox taken by the Feds because I allegedly said something herunterladen. Or VCR which does happen.