Transformers Movie Video Game Previewed at ToyFair 2007

If you are looking for a review of the movie try here photo station 6 images. I wish I had a video of the look on Rose’s face as she saw the preview for Transformers at the Movie theater.   I wasn’t at the event, but has news about the upcoming video game maps for free.


– Game will be available on: Wii, XBox 360, PS3, and PS2.
– There will be an Autobot Game and a Decepticon Game for Nintendo DS, supporting 4 way multi-play herunterladen.
– PSP gets a version of the game (maybe different from all), but with 4 way Multi-Play.
– Wii will get special Wiimote functions, such as throwing things, steering, etc netflix herunterladen geht nicht.
– You can play as 9 Autobots and Decepticons. Unplayable characters are going to be boss characters or other important charcters.
– There will be unlockable characters and possibly movie characters that don’t appear in the movie (like Wreckage) video von kabel 1 downloaden.
– There will be G1 references in the game.
– It has a full interactive environment where you can pick things up and throw it at the enemy…including a Burger King sign ps now spieleen.
– Burger King and Pepsi references were in the game, so we know they are sponsors.
РAs the robot you can punch, shoot, jump, transform at will and drive/fly around when you are in vehicle mode klingeltöne iphone gratis herunterladen.
– Autotargeting will be available.
– For game play, it reminded me of Grand Theft Auto, where you can run around the city (perspective was similar to GTA) imap alle mails herunterladen. The steering of the vehicle looked well done, where you could oversteer around turns, etc. If you caused too much ruckus the police would come and the pedestrians would go around screaming, especially if you were in Robot Mode (so being in disguise is important) apps kostenlos herunterladen pc. Pedestrian interaction was not completed yet, but we were hoping you could pick up people and thrown them…jthat was ust our suggestion. The ability to use both modes via transforming was very effective because you could get away quick if you were getting beat bad herunterladen.
– Graphics were very good and very fluid, even on preproduction. Audio track we heard was a generic one for pre-production, but final game will have the movie score. Possibly the voices will be the same as in the movie. Cut scenses are being rendered by a company called Blur (how ironic) that won many awards for game CGI.
– Storyline is different based upon if you are an Autobot or a Decepticon, humans are part of the story, but not part of the game play. Because of the dual roles the Decepticons can win in this one.

Optimus Prime



IGN has a screen shot.  and an Interview with the creators.