Sending InstaSong Love Songs FOR FREE via MySpace comments

Tell the girl you are stalking how much you care, with song.  And rather than violate your restraining order serenading her under her window. Instead let all her friends and other stalkers know by using MySpace herunterladen.

Step One: Pick an object of your affection.

Step Two: Go to 

Step Three: Create a Custom Song

Step Four:  When you have the song how you want it, Right click on the page and select View Source 3d spiele kostenlos downloaden vollversion.

Step Five:  Copy the Embed Tag out of the HTML wetransfer wie oft herunterladen.

(typically this will be the spot that starts with  <embed src=”../occasions   and will end just before </object> )

Step Six: Paste the Code in to MySpace either in the object of your affections Comments or on your own page.  Don’t push Post YET vlc player herunterladen kostenlos!


Step Seven: replace the .. just before the /occasions with

It should read something like this:


<embed src=”″
width=”310″ height=”140″ name=”base”
type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” align=”top”
pluginspace=”” />

Step Eight: Wait for her or him to realize they are madly in love with you and be prepared as they burst through your door to be ravaged for hours on end skat free herunterladen.



To do the same Trick by E-Mail….   Copy the Bits in Quotes following <embed src=

Want to save the Mp3 Just grab the second http://  and paste it in to Windows Media Player and choose Files Save as and give it  a name, like “Mylovesong.mp3”