Ultra-High Definition is Smoke but also why New York Times should NOT write technical articles.

NYT has a story entitled kostenlose autorennen spiele downloaden. Just Like High-Definition TV, but With Higher Definition.  The problem is it isn’t news particularly that their is higher resolution than HD.  2k and 4k displays and Video cameras exist now.  I have equipment that supports Dual Link SDI for this purpose now.  For Cinema Displays you need this, because while 720p looks great in the home, your home has a screen measured in inches not feet like a Cinema would be.  But realistically it is about size to distance. (I’ll come back to this)

Let’s start with what is wrong in the article from NYT migros bank ebanking app herunterladen.

  • 7680×4320 is called 4k.  Not UHDV. 
  • 4k has 33,177,600 which does not “Work out to 32 million Pixels”  I’d have not nit picked if they had said 33 but they had all the numbers to do the math tkkg spiele downloaden.
  • 60 frames per second is not twice that of conventional video.  1080p, and 720p are both at 59.94 frames per second, and so is most 4k video windows 10 updates niet automatically.
  • As to 20 channels of audio?  That is news to me.  But I went and saw Tomlinson Holman (of THX fame) demonstrate 10.2 and I was unimpressed with the gains over 5.1  And I don’t think I even like 7.1 need for speed pc download kostenlos.
  • The article hits on 16:9 in most theatres being 30 degree’s of field of vision, in truth that is what my 61 inch uses.  Typically theatre’s depending on the seat you pick are 50-70.  IMAX is typically 120 to 160.  Anything beyond 90 and you have to turn your head because your  nose gets in the way traktor spiele zum herunterladen. (this is the bit about size to distance)

Sitting working at my 37″ LCD at a distance of about 30 inches it fills almost exactly 60 degrees of Field of Vision.  So I have to turn my head to see the various regions of the screen.  This is Ok for spreadsheets and writing articles, but I am too close to really enjoy a movie.  In most instances you want to be the width of the screen away from the screen if you want to not have to crane your neck.  If you want to have an “Immersive” experience you want to be closer than your screen is wide.  But this is not how movies are shot so you may find that like sitting in the first row at the movies you will be unhappy springer books.