Xbox Live Goes Mobile As We Play Rainbow 6 on Google Wifi

“Your family Must Be Loaded” pretty much sums it up as we play the most expensive game of Uno ever caught on camera. We take Xbox 360 Gaming to a whhole new level as the XYHD crew piles in to my Jeep Wrangler, connected to Google WiFi, and mix it up in a round of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 with Major Nelson

Jake has some slightly more in depth information, and stills here..

You can check out where some of the various shots happened using Live Maps Below.


UPDATE: So to answer some of the question’s from the various sites pointing at us…

We attempted to set the Xbox to clone the Mac Address of a PC which had authenticated to Google already.  This didn’t work because Xbox Live expects an MTU of 1500 and Google’s WiFi has a smaller MTU.

We didn’t try using an Edge Card, Primarily because well, Edge is not as Fast as WiFi.

We could use Vista just as easily as XP, we just didn’t have it on a laptop at the moment.  The Video however was edited in Vista Movie Maker.

The Backend for the Video is Blip.TV which we are using primarily to see if anyone clicks on the ads at the end of the video.  (as of this update no one had).

We Used Two Inverters, and things were happy most the time, we only browned out twice, and the “Red Lights of Death” cleared both times (luckily)

The Disc Doesn’t Spin accept when Loading on Rainbow 6 so we were reasonably sure we would not damage the DVD Drive.



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