Determining Context, The Challenge Of Advertising in UGC

YouTube, Revver, MetaCafe, and GoogleVideo all face the challenge of not only determining in an automated way what a video is about, but if the advertiser would want to advertise on that content.  Text is easy, figuring out some keywords and placing ads on the page is not rocket science for a company that works with search terms chrome pdf nicht herunterladen.

But how do you pick an ad for video?  Especially since my video just have a sound track or silence. You could go by the key words placed in the description of the ad, but how many advertisers want to advertise with Pussy, Teen, Cam, Dance, Show, Hot.  With the exception of webcams there is not a tangible product to be sold there that is not porn pixel launcher.

True not all UGC is porn.  But If you were Swingline would you want to be associated with Jack ass staples scrotum to his leg?  Or Huffy want to be associated with Teen rides bike off roof?  Pepsi with Girl inserts entire 12oz Pepsi in her rectum untermietvertrag vorlage herunterladen?

Online advertising is going to get real hard real fast p server metin2 german free of charge. Even just lining up advertisers for my scripted shows looks like it is going to be more effort than I had anticipated.