How Many Apple Engineers Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?

How many Apple engineers does it take to change a light bulb?  7.  One to design the light bulb and Six to Market it.

I heard this Joke on the Prairie Home Companion the other evening, and it resonated with me ph weingarten word herunterladen.

Combined with the joke about Intel Engineers. 

How many Intel engineers does it take to change a light bulb?  Change?  Why bother herunterladen? The Socket will be obsolete in 6 months anyway.

Which brings me to the interesting commercial about Vista that Apple is running where PC is hesitant about surgery needed to upgrade to Vista.  Mac is really trying to push that they have superior hardware to the PC, but they are now running the same hardware.  I am strongly considering an iBook for my next Vista PC. 

I wrote an article a long while back about brandwidth apk datei herunterladen. How Apple had it and Microsoft needed it.

Today it seems that Microsoft still doesn’t have the brandwidth it should, but Apple has lost a lot of theirs.  Part of this is the confusing message that Mac puts out. 

Mac used to be the computer for people who wanted a just works setup.  Buying a Mac was Ideal for the user who wanted to have a computer that didn’t require any knowledge to configure.  The Value Add was that you knew all of your accessories purchased from Apple would just work.  This limited you to the peripherals which Apple sold, which often cost more than their PC equivalent, but you could be assured there would be no conflict fortnite on pc.

But today Mac is on Intel. All of the PC Accessories would physically connect to a Mac, but most don’t have drivers specifically for Mac, but you can make many work if you go look for their Linux counterpoint drivers.  This is where it gets weird.  So you are running Mac OS using a piece of hardware that uses an Opensource Driver.  All of a sudden you are giving up the stability and quality assurance that you are paying extra for in a Mac.  This is roughly the equivalent of buying a Volvo for reliability and safety and then duct taping on the turbo charger from a used Fiero in order to go faster download the three question signs for free.

The PC is much more like buying a Mustang.  Designed much more for customization, ready to run out of the box, but also with a lot of bolt ons zip herunterladen mac.

So how does one successfully market to each of these demographics?  Neither Microsoft nor Apple seems to know.  They both seem to have worked out that it comes down to enabling your content, and that at the moment it is the individual that drives the purchase.   Apple has not been able to convince business to make the leap, partly because Mac is missing all of the automation that PC has for patches, security, software deployment, and just general administration.  And at the same time Microsoft has yet to carve out a good story about why corporations should make the leap to Vista herunterladen.

Jake recently wrote about the lack luster “Wow” campaign.  Unless Microsoft is trying to ride the coat tails of World of Warcraft, I think the Wow campaign is not resonating with anyone.  The “Wow” Factor has never been why people buy PC’s.  PC’s are tools.  The end user knows this.  You don’t see the masses flocking to buy Hammers designed by Calvin Klein, because we don’t care if it looks cool, you care about how well it functions.  The Majority of the people in the US would be happier commuting in a Mini Cooper than we would in a Lotus.  And while Fondu is fun at parties we don’t want to eat it every day herunterladen.

Vista has some great new tools, but it doesn’t market them.   Bit Locker is a great new tool.  The ability to have workers take information out of the office with out fear of having that information end up on the Internet when that worker’s laptop is stolen.  Vista has better firewall and anti-spyware built in.  These are big features for Vista, that are on the fore front of IT managers minds.  Security is always about putting up a fence between your users and the bad people on the outside.  Vista is a nice fence that is both 10 extra feet tall, and White Picket at the same time microsoft office kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch chip.

Mac currently has security that is much more a Labyrinth like.  Because of the lower install base there is less attack surface and so fewer people are working on breaking the Mac OS.  This makes Mac less and less secure the more people who install it.  Microsoft has had to spend a lot of time over the years securing their code, Apple has not had to do this.  Not because Mac OS is more secure by design, just because no one has bothered to try and break their locks herunterladen.

Because of these differences Microsoft should be promoting what technologies they have that secure your desktop, forcing Mac to either add those features or to not tote their desktop as secure.  The presidential candidate with a budget plan gets further than the one that says he is committed to lowering the deficit.

Defend Your Wow Windows Vista ad campaign

Wouldn’t a better ad be “Defending your Wow”  since defend my Wow implies I have to do something rather than the software doing it for me.

I should so go into advertising….

Oh, and How many Microsoft engineers does it take to change a light bulb? 

Zero.  That would be a hardware issue, and you will have to contact your Original Equipment Manufacturer.