Jack Tretton I want my $1,200

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Jake had no trouble getting his PS3, but a lot of trouble getting rid of it.  Jack Tretton is offering $1,200 to anyone who can find a Play Station 3 that has sat on the shelf for more than 5 minutes.  Jack might want to check the availability in the Sony Store at the Metreon in SF which had plenty the day Jake stopped in.  Jake Sold his PS3 to a Schmuck for $500 he should have held out bluetooth for laptop for free german.

If I thought Jack would really pay up I’d drive back to the Best Buy in Mountain View where they had 3 PS3’s when I walked in and 3 when I walked out 20 minutes later.   I didn’t read this article until after I was out of the store or I’d have Video the PS3 just sitting there.  I may go back and do that Monday at lunch if Jack wants to meet me there I’d be more than happy to count the PS3’s take him to the Chipolte grill, and then go back and I’ll buy one to sell him at twice the price.  How does 11:30 work for you Jack?  If Monday isn’t good I’m free Wednesday herunterladen.

Found Via Engadget.