DreamScene for Windows XP and Vista with out Ultimate

Feeling sad that you don’t have Vista and Can’t have sexy video desktops?  Yeah you suck.  Umm… I mean well I’ll help you out spotify nur ├╝ber wlan herunterladen.

Suck down VLC Player here.

Install it.

Then go in to Setting -> Preferences

Click Video -> Output Modules -> Direct X

Check the Advanced option and Enable Wallpaper mode linux minten nederlands.

Yep flags to. There you are.  You can now do Video to the Desktop.  This won’t work with all Video Files, For example Forza 2 from our site is in VC1 which doesn’t play in VLC, but it works with most other Video Files.  And if you convert a File to WMV9 or Mpeg2 they will work with VLC adobe photoshop cc download.


Based on user feed back I converted the Forza Clip to work with this method.  You can get the compatible version of the file Right-click and “Save”

*Update 2*

To loop you need to go to View -> Play list and select Loop

15 thoughts on “DreamScene for Windows XP and Vista with out Ultimate

  1. It play s but when you close the program the video stops. Is there any way to close the program bul leave the video going?

  2. You’re all idiots!!! fckn bastards! just put the FUCKING SHORTCUT in the folder that says START UP!!!! THINK THINK!!! bitches!

  3. vagstam – ever think of going with decaf?
    Go get some sound canceling headphones, a soft pillow and lay in the sun for a couple hours dude.

  4. Awesome feature bro, thanks. And to answer all you guys on how to view it, on as a wallpaper, it will play on the player and wallpaper as long as you followed the step to add it to the active wallpaper. Just min the player and it will stay play on the desktop (no big deal) and for the start up, like the other dude said, grab, drag and drop the original file to your Start Up file under your programs.

  5. ehumm i might disagree with that, i setted the preferences to wallpaper and the video plays normal.. but NOT as my wallpaper just in VCL player window…….?

  6. for all who didnt get hot to get it to work a little step by step for you
    after load goto
    Setting -> Preferences

    Click Video -> Output Modules -> Direct X

    Check the Advanced option and Enable Wallpaper mode.

    then go to Video -> Output Modules and select direct x video output that should get it to work

  7. Um, thats just using the Video Overlay method, all it does is set your Wallpaper to a colour and play the video where ever that colour is displayed.

    Open an Application that has that colour in its menus or icons and the video overlays over that as well.

    Even Media Player Classic can be used for this method, I want an app or replacement shell that actually supports 3D rendering in the desktop environment.

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