Gloss Black Xbox for the L33t

Everyone is posting pictures of the Dev Kit and going all Ape for something you could see at any trade show, or walking around the Microsoft campus.  You want hot pictures?  We have pictures of Jake with our Gloss Black, plays retail Games, none of this April Fools PhotoShopped crap with XYHD, you know you want it, Xbox.  We make sure you couldn’t fake it… Take a look at my site, I’m nowhere near good enough to make the photo of Jake’s reflection in the Xbox.

Admit it, that is one Sexxxy Xbox.  Jake’s bulging muscles are bad, but he’s not my type.

“Supposedly” the Xbox Elite will be available in April.  But that is information coming from those same sites that were trying to claim they had something other than a dev Kit so I wouldn’t trust them, and we don’t claim to know.