Hook your Apple TV to your Pal Scart SD TV Or your NTSC TV

AppleTV lacks Composite, SCART, or even S-video outs, so hooking it to an SD Television is hard enough, but if you happen to live in any of the places around the world that aren’t NTSC you may have even more Trouble.

There are a couple of Home theatre Recievers in the $2000+ dollar range with will in Fact downconert Component HD to SD, but if you aren’t looking to spend quite that….

Component (YUV) to RGB/VGA ConverterPal users will probably want to Check out this device from JS Technology.  For about 90 pounds. 





NTSC Users will find this product does the same thing for NTSC and it is priced at about the same price $225 and supports Composite and S-video

Yes both of these Rival the Apple TV in price, but if you are an insanely loyal Apple fanboy you will pay it, because your hippy lifestyle doesn’t afford you a real HD TV to watch your crappy SD Itunes Videos on.