iPod Gets the Zune Wireless Transfer Functionality, not really

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Snooptunes has released a product that claims to compete with Zune… But on closer inspection it really just allows you to Ear Spray over FM herunterladen.

But that is a social networking method I hadn’t thought of. Doing pirate radio a few feet from you using an FM transmitter.  iPod and Zune both tune FM, with the right gear you could share your music with all of the people on the big black Google bus, or the Subway.  Your choice wie kann ich bei netflixen.


1 thought on “iPod Gets the Zune Wireless Transfer Functionality, not really

  1. Does the iPod have a built in FM tuner, or do you have to buy an accessory from Apple to receive FM? Seems that if you have to buy both a receiver from Apple and a transmitter, you’d probably save some money buying snooptunes.

    With the Zune (and most other products other than the iPod), FM receivers are built in, so anyone with an FM transmitter (relatively cheap) could broadcast. The promise of the Zune WiFi is that eventually you wouldn’t need to buy a transmitter, but could transmit to all of your friends who have Zunes within range over wi-fi, saving you from having to buy anything at all to get the experience. I’m still waiting for that, but in the meantime, I’m going to try using my FM transmitter to transmit audio from my Zune to my wife’s Zune and let you know how it goes.

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