Limits on Unlimited Cable Modem Service

Comcast is imposing limits on its higher bandwidth users…  I am Seriously concerned I will get a notice.  You see I gave up “live” TV, and have been getting all of my TV via Amazon, Xbox Live Market Place, and other various online place.  No P2P, this has all been legit.  This has partly been an experiment in how good the experience could be, and partly an effort to not spend the $100 a month I was spending with DirecTV java download macbook.

As some of you may know I have already run in to issues with Cable Modems and Limits. 

Comcast claims that the excessive use puts strain on the nodes in those neighborhoods, however that is a network flaw, not the problem of the consumer.  Cable modems work much like your corporate intranet.  Their is a pool of bandwidth for each neighbor hood.  Typically ISP’s provision a neighborhood with 20% of the bandwidth they are selling, so if you have a neighborhood with 40 homes at 6 megabits there will be 48 Megabits available, well  that is how it used to be… 

Comcast upgraded the speed of individual connections from 2 megabits to 6,  but didn’t upgrade the among of total bandwidth they have to the neighborhood.  So now 40 homes that were sharing 16 Megabits are still sharing 16 megabits, not 48.  This results in slow downs during peak traffic hours eden world builder kostenlos downloaden.

Combine this with more people like me getting video from the Internet, and house holds with two teens using iTunes or Zune Radio so they are always using 256k of their connection and the neighborhood gets overloaded pretty fast dm kostenlos herunterladen.

A user of Akimbo could easily hit the limits of Comcast if they watched 20 hours a week of content.  If you use any service that has RedSwoosh as a back end, like Echostar is rolling out you could have even more issues since it uses a Walled Garden Peer to Peer service that not only leverages your download bandwidth but your upload as well gmail op computer.

ISP’s are going to have to wake up, especially Cable Modem Users.  With Fiber to the Home, and VDSL services being rolled out users are going to expect 10 megabit connections like I had with RCN.  They will also expect that their connection will not have usage caps, as no one has had metered Internet for anything other than their cell phone in years youtube songs download free.

It is a good time to be in the CDN business because I think for the first time in years bandwidth may go up in price.