Orb Integrates with MySpace to Create Your Personal Radio Station


I could probably sum this up as ShoutCast for MySpace… which wouldn’t be news, but the implications for MySpace or Orb could be interesting.  Normally a radio station would pay royalties to ASCAP so it is unclear in this scenario who would be responsible for those fees.  MySpace mp3 converter download deutsch kostenlos? Orb? the DJ? 

Orb I going to make a formal announcement tomorrow, which may clear up some of these issues, but most likely not. 

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1 thought on “Orb Integrates with MySpace to Create Your Personal Radio Station

  1. Funny you should mention SHOUTcast for two reasons:

    We actually worked with the good folks at AOL’s Nullsoft to create a version of Orb called “Winamp Remote” that’s available at http://www.winamp.com/remote which builds on the SHOUTcasting paradigm for longtime winampers like myself by enabling us to stream OUR OWN music from our home PCs TO OURSELVES right within Winamp or any PC browser (mobile version coming soon)

    Myself, I’ve always considered SHOUTcasting’s user-powered (and AOL-brokered) broadcast system to be a key ancestor of Orb’s mycasting precisely because of that user-powered streaming-from-user-PCs nature.

    However, mycasting, very much unlike SHOUTcasting, is emphatically NOT BROADCAST. Internet radio solutions provide capability for thousands of concurrent listeners. Concurrent!

    Not so with Orb. I usually talk about it as being “a couchful” of your friends that you can share streams with at any one time.

    And that’s a huge and extremely important difference for the topics you’re raising and for user expectations about what they can do with Orb.

    Most Orb usage (as in Winamp Remote, for example) is you to yourself. But the “friendcasting” aspects of mycasting are very much just an online version of inviting a few friends over to your house to listen to your music there. The *few* is the key part there, and that’s built-in to the technology and the fact that it uses your own (not, say, AOL’s) infrastructure to do the streaming.

    That kind of stream-sharing (NOT file-transfer, it’s important to note) is enabled in both generic Orb and what we do for partners like Winamp, and what we’ve done now with the extension of mycasting to MySpace is to recognize that a lot of our users’ interactions with their friends is over on MySpace, not just in their email boxes.

    Same friendcasting capability, new context, more convenience, cooler interface.

    The implications for personal expression on MySpace are what folks have been picking up on as the story here – no longer is the musical aspect of my self-expression on MySpace disconnected from the music I’ve selected to put on my hard drive.

    It’s like being able to hand your iPod’s (or N91’s) earbuds to the friends you’re sitting with – only that “sitting” is happening a bit more scattered in real space, mediated by the Net.

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