Are You Causing Your Friends and Colleagues to Get Spam?

I didn’t join, nor did I join Beliefnet, or Herbalife, or Whirl.  But I get e-mail from them that I can’t seem to stop getting.  Why?  Because like Jake and MyPunchbowl, someone I know decided I needed to know about these services.  Combine this with the Forwards that I get with 1000’s of e-mails still in the headers it is no wonder I get so much spam.  Do your friends a favor and if you you find a cool site send them a message the old fashioned way, not through the site’s automated service herunterladen.

If you are a Service Provider have some Decency.  I love which allows me to book a reservation and send an invite, and include an outlook appointment, but they don’t spam me, and they don’t spam my friends.  And I’d welcome Spam from them because they sometimes have good discounts on restaurants, and it would be nice if they would let me know when holidays come up if I needed to book my favorite place how far in advance herunterladen.

My landlord Spams me.  I rent, and he is always sending me Houses for Sale that he is listing.  Which amounts to 3 or 4 e-mails a month, but I don’t want any.  And he was offended when I told him I wasn’t interested.  I tried to explain that Spam builds negative brandwidth just like opt-in mail can build positive brand.  He wanted nothing to do with it, in his mind and the mind of many people more eye’s is a good thing.  He doesn’t see that my resentment of the in my face attitude of his marketing lends me to not want to work with him film.

MyPunchbowl responded to Jake’s posting which is starting to have me believe in Chris’s Freedbacking idea.  Orb posted to my site the other day and I was surprised to have their CEO leaving me comments.  Kind of cool.