Cringely is Fraggin Stupid about Apple TV

PBS’ Robert Cringely got in his pulpit and sang the praises of Apple TV.  Reading the article you get the impression that Apple sent him over a load of crackwhores and that he stole their crack and skipped the whoring engel und teufel kostenlos downloaden.

Apple TV  is one of the stupidest products I have seen.  It sounds like it could be cool until you see it.  This pretty white box sits in your living room promising to bring you content downloaded from the Internet steam cs go herunterladen.

Technically it does that, but in a way similar to How my Head can be used to crush ice for Margarita’s.  You can do it, but your head will hurt and there are much better ways herunterladen.

AppleTV is a Media Center Extender.  It does nothing by itself.  That means you can’t watch video for $300 unless you have a computer as well. 

You can’t order movies from the AppleTV you have to do that from the PC, Likely in the other room seemannslieder kostenlosen.

Let’s compare this to the experience I have with the Little white Box that costs $300 and hangs out in my living room, the Xbox 360.  It plays movies, works as a Media Center Extender so it will talk to my PC.  And I can order movies through it, not requiring a PC ebook for free german illegal.

It does pictures, and Music, just like Apple TV, only the pictures look Great, rather than sucky, and the music can be in a whole host of formats, including one that Apple TV is missing CD herunterladen.

And the Xbox 360 happens to play games.  Not just the legacy Pong like games that you can play from Xbox Live Arcade, but real games.   Games you would want to play for hours anno 1800 where to download.

Will I be buying an Apple TV?  Yes.  Jake and I are going to get an Apple TV simply so we can make a video showing you how it sucks compared to the Xbox 360,  I’m betting that is sucks compared to the Xbox being used as a Media Center Extender bluetooth for laptop for free german.

All of the above are just the usability issues.  That doesn’t even start to mention that in the Apple Store Battle Star Galactica was presented in the wrong aspect Ratio, or that 24 had interlacing artifacts, and Cadence issues, and was presented in the wrong aspect ratio, and color space. 

So yes Cringely, Apple TV is great if you have a 22 inch display, more time and money than you know what to do with, and don’t care if when you play your video Lucy Lawless could be mistaken your mascot because she is 33% wider than she is supposed to be herunterladen.