Who Cares about h.264 Acceleration?

People talk about how H.264 has won the Video Codec wars, but I find this laughable.  VC-1 is in more HD-DVD and Blu-ray Discs than h.264.  With good reason.  It has a better developed tool set, Microsoft made sure of that.  It has lower play back requirements.  You don’t have to worry about patent holders coming after you in the near future, because the patent portfolio rests with Microsoft herunterladen.

So Apple’s announcement that there is h.264 acceleration in every Mac… Yawn. I cringe ;-) every time some one fails to remember Mac’s are just PC’s if you use the ATI Card they use, you get acceleration.  So if you have a business PC that is never going to do anything but Wordprocessing you don’t have to spend the extra $40 for acceleration herunterladen.

Jake gets it right the Content Protection method is more crucial downloaden microsoft store werkt niet.  You can’t watch HD-DVD or Blu-ray with out HDCP. and that is seriously missing from Mac OS. 

Given the choice between acceleration my Video PodCasts (which even a lowly p3 733 with  a wussy video card can play) or being able to watch an HD movie that I didn’t shoot at home… ts3 kostenlos downloaden 64 bit. I’ll pick the HD experience.

Any current technology machine should play back HD H.264 with out acceleration, unless you are on a platform with immature drivers…

As for h.264 acceleration for encoding.  It sucks.  The Quality is lower, and the time savings are nearly non-existent compared with what the encode would look like if you just lowered the complexity on a software encode.  There are exceptions.  Ateme has a pretty decent h.264 accelerator card, it runs $20k but it does a nice job.  You don’t have $20k?  well you get what you pay for so an accelerator that is $50 gets you about 1/4000th of what you’d get from ateme chrome pdf nicht herunterladen.

Oh, and Cringely…. Snapster is dumb.  I hate to shatter your vision of us all hanging out at the library.  But the truth is that the economics of it would piss off Riaa and the artist, the total volume of such a deal would never support the infrastructure, and if you were going to buy in to such a service, a subscription service like urge would still be a better deal.