20 Questions to prove you are a Wizard of Video Compression Contest:

20 Questions to prove you are a Wizard of Video Compression Contest:

I am giving away a copy of VISTA: Ultimate to the person who can get the most answers right to the following questions.   In the event of a Tie the person with the most complete answer to each question will win.  Contest ends 5pm PST March 23, 2007 mero baller los download kostenlos.

Scoring is as follows:

2 points for a right answer.

-1 point for a wrong answer.

1 point for a correct but incomplete answer herunterladen.

Here is an Example: 

What is the resolution of NTSC Video?

                Wrong Answer: 720×576

                Incomplete answer: 720×480

                Correct Answer: Full D1 in NTSC is 720×480, but NTSC transmits 720×525 which includes VBI data.  Square D1 is 640×480 herunterladen.

No points are awarded nor taken away for answers left blank.

Bonus questions are worth 2 points if you get them right, no points taken away if you get them wrong, but you have to get the root question right in order for a bonus to be scored series to netflix.

You can use whatever Internet resources you want.  Collaboration is discouraged since you can’t split the prize.

Do Feel Free to let others know about the contest, the contest is not limited to this list hoe kun je nzb downloaden.

Answers should be sent to  bwirtz@Griffin-digital.com

The Subject must read exactly without quotes “I am a Compression Wizard”

I will evaluate your answers, all of my judging decisions are final youtube video without advertising.

Within One week of  the last day of the contest  we will announce the winner (provided there are not 100’s of entries)



1 herunterladen. What is the Resolution of PAL?

2. How many conductors in an HD-SDI Cable?

a. Bonus: Same question S-video?

b. Bonus: How does an SDI signal differ from Composite Itunes movie borrow download?

3. What is the datarate of ATSC?

a. Bonus: Same question for Cable Labs?

4. How does an I frame differ from a P Frame?

a herunterladen. Bonus:  What are the types of B Frame?

5. Why is it necessary to have SEI’s every few seconds in a Live h.264 Stream?

a. Bonus: How Many SEI’s are required for file based play back whatsapp audio herunterladen iphone?

6. What is the VC-1 Equivalent to an H.264 SEI?

7. What standards body governs the VC-1 Standard?

8. When applying a resize to video, why must you tell the scalar if the content is interlaced?

9. What are 3 differences between NTSC and PAL?

10. Other than resolution what are 3 differences between HD and SD?

11. How many unique colors are available in the VC-1 pallet?

a. Bonus:  How many colors are available over SDI?

12. Which will offer higher video quality an encode with a DCT Coefficient of 3 or 6?

a. Bonus:  Given the same content at the same resolution which encode will be smaller?

13. Describe the effect that result from presenting Top Field first content as bottom field first.

14. Describe 3 technical advantages the VC-1 Codec has over Mpeg2 .

15. On what line(s) is closed captioning carried in NTSC?

a. Bonus:  What is an example Open Captioning?

b. Bonus:  What standards are used in the US for Closed Captioning?

16. What is a Null Packet and why are they used in Transport Streams?

17. What is the size of the Repeat frame indicator in a VC-1 Encode?

18. What sample rate is audio over SDI carried?

19. If content is encoded as 1080i Drop Frame, how many fields per second is the content?

20. If the content from 19 is converted for display on a PAL standard definition display with no letter boxing, what steps must be taken to make it display correctly?

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