What could Sony Give You Worth $20 a month?

Sony is contemplating doing a commercial super computing grid using your PS3’s spare cycles.  But based on the price of those CPU Cycles what could they give you antivirus kostenlos herunterladen?

The extra electricity is going to cost you about $15-$20 a month.  And assuming you want to make a profit of say 20% they need to pony up $20-$25 a month worth of Freebies.  That is more than the cost of an Xbox Live Subscription, more in the lines of two Arcade Games a month.  But PS3 doesn’t really have an XBox Live Arcade Service, so what are they going to pony up for?  They could send you defective DVD’s videobearbeitungsprogramm kostenlosen.

If Sony could make this work it would go a long ways towards discrediting my article on what a waste Folding on PS3 is, but I don’t see how if the PS3 could be used to leverage a Super Computer on the cheap that it could really be cheap enough to warrant paying users rather than just building the infrastructure and using the hardware in a lab.  Grid computing over the net tends to have 30-50% overlap, so that all calculations get done, and the types of calculations have to be extremely threaded.  Writing code that works well on 20,000 CPU’s is challenging, especially since you have huge latency because you are sharing data over the public Internet instead of a fast bus herunterladen.

So just the quick math as I see it.  Minimum you pay the end user $15 a month, you need 33% overlap, so calculations cost Sony $20, Sony needs to make something say 20% that means they sell calculations at $24 per month per Playstation 3.  Based on those numbers there is $9 in cost difference between the PS3 owner and the person paying for the computation.  That would allow a group buying computation to buy a PS3 for every 5 years.  That math actually lends to a business model if you assume that there is not a bulk discount for purchasing electricity, and assuming Sony wouldn’t sell you a system at half the price if you didn’t need the Hard Disk and Bluray drive… wie audible hörbuch herunterladen.

Bet Sony is kicking themselves for not being willing to sell you a “Core” system now.